Pregnancy journey

In Belfast Trust Maternity and Neo-natal services we are committed to walking alongside you every step of your pregnancy journey.  The information in this section will give you some information about each stage of that journey, but if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to speak to your midwife.

Ante-natal care

All women are entitled to choose the place where their baby will be born. Whether your choice is to have your baby in the maternity unit or at home you will be fully supported by midwives and if required, the medical team.
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Midwifery Service in Community

The team of Community Midwives provides antenatal, intra-natal and post-natal care to women and their families. They are specialists in providing maternity care where there are no complications and they work together with local GPs and other health and social care professionals.
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Admission Assessment Unit

There are several signs that labour is starting, but it must be remembered that these signs can vary from woman to woman. If you think you may be in early labour phone the Admission Unit for advice. False alarms are common with first time mothers.
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Labour and birth

The delivery suite in the Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital has 16 delivery rooms, two of which are designed for waterbirth where women in established labour are supported doing their labour and birth.
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Some babies, because of prematurity, or illness, may require special medical or nursing care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which is within RJMS.
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Post-natal care

If you have had an uncomplicated birth and all is well, you will go home as soon as your condition allows. Most women will not need to stay overnight. You will only be transferred to the postnatal ward if there is a clinical indication otherwise you and baby will stay in Delivery Suite to rest before preparing to transfer home.
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