Day Obstetric Unit and Centre for Fetal Medicine

Day Obstetric Unit

The Day Obstetric Unit (DOU) is found on the second floor in the Royal-Jubilee Maternity Service (along with the Centre for Fetal Medicine).  The DOU comprises of several different services which are outlined below. The 'Bay Area' for patient monitoring and the 'Scanning Rooms' for antenatal investigations. Referrals are made by the Obstetric Teams.

Services Provided:

  • Management of morning sickness requiring intravenous fluids.
  • Monitoring and follow up of high blood pressure, preterm pre-labour rupture of membranes, obstetric cholestasis.
  • Tracing of fetal heart rate (cardiotocograph, CTG).
  • Intravenous treatments - iron infusions, immunoglobulin (IGG) infusions and intravenous antibiotics.
  • Glucose tolerance tests (GTT).
  • 20 week Anomaly scan (by radiographers).
  • Fetal assessment scans

Centre for Fetal Medicine

The Centre for Fetal Medicine at the Royal-Jubilee Maternity Service provides a range of additional services for the management and diagnosis of fetal abnormalities and the management of certain high risk pregnancies such a rhesus disease. Referrals are made by obstetric consultants both here and regionally. The service is supported by the Genetic (weekly), Paediatric/Neonatal (twice weekly) and the Paediatric Surgical Teams (twice Monthly) and appointments are coordinated where ever possible. 

As the Service is heavily referred to urgent cases such as fetal hydrops, and twin to twin syndrome are given priority. Tel: 028 9063 3239 or 028 9063 3191.

Anomaly Scans

This scan checks the structure of the fetus. There are 2 rooms operating Monday - Friday. A team of obstetric radiographers perform these scans. Appointments are made at the booking visit. If you need to change an appointment please telephone 028 9063 2496.  Please note that only one person will be permitted into the scan room with you (children are not permitted).

Fetal Assessment Scans

These scans are carried out on week days by specially trained midwives who scan fetuses for growth issues.  They also monitor the fetal weight, doppler blood flow and fluid volume. Appoinments are made via the obstetric team.  To check appointment details please telephone 028 9063 3191 or 028 9063 3239.

Fetal Cardiology Clinic

This is a Regional Service held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afernoons.  The consultants generally scan the fetuses after the 24th week of pregnancy.  Referrals are made via your obstetric consultant to the Clarke Clinic in RBHSC tel 028 9063 2248.

Anaesthetic Clinic

This clinic runs on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons by appointment only. Referral is made via the obstetric team in the Antenatal Clinic. To check appointment details please ring 028 9063 3239 or 9063 2496.

These clinics are located on the 2nd floor of RJMS.