Community midwife service

The maternity unit will liaise with the community midwifery service in the area you are going home to. This is to inform staff of you and your baby’s transfer home and organise ongoing postnatal care with the community midwife. If you are going home to a different address from your home address please inform the midwife.

The community midwife will visit you and your baby the day after you have gone home. Thereafter, postnatal visits are tailored to suit you and your baby’s individual needs. The community midwife will discuss the frequency and timing of these visits. You will be given a contact telephone number by our local community midwife or you may ring the maternity unit for further advice.

If you are recovering normally, and your baby is well and thriving, the community midwife will transfer you and your baby’s care to the health visitor at around 10 – 14 days following the birth, although this can be extended if the community midwife feels it is required. The health visitor is a registered nurse with additional specialist training in childcare and development who can offer advice and support to ensure that you and your baby continues to progress satisfactorily.

If you have not received a visit from the community midwife by 3:00pm on the day following your transfer home from the maternity unit:


  • Community midwives office in RJMS tel: 028 9063 3802 (please leave a message if necessary) or
  • Ward/department from which you were transferred home from:
    E ward tel: 028 9063 2044
    Johstone House tel: 028 9063 8154
    Delivery Suite: tel: 028 9063 3412/2003/3546