Preparing for home

Prior to going home, you and your baby will receive a full examination to assess if you are both well. After resting, and if no problems are identified, preparations will be made for your transfer home from the maternity unit, this can occur 6 hours after delivery. The maternity unit will liaise with the community midwifery team in your area to arrange ongoing postnatal care in your home.

It is essential that the midwife has your correct discharge address and contact telephone number as arrangements will be made for postnatal care to be continued with the community midwife in your area.

You will receive:

  • A letter to be given to your community midwife when she visits you for the first time after the birth. This letter contains information relating to your pregnancy, birth and postnatal time in the maternity unit
  • A Personal Child Health Record book (Red Book), which will become a record of your baby’s health, growth and development. You can record details in this book as well as any health professional caring for your baby. This booklet is your property.

It is essential that you take it with you to all of your baby’s healthcare contacts.

  • A ‘Birth to Five’ book - A useful addition to the advice and support provided by the midwife and health visitor. ( on PHA website)

'How to comfort your baby and keep your cool'

Being a parent can be amazing and stressful at the same time.  Staying relaxed and being able to soothe your crying baby makes a big difference. To help you, I promise has gathered the best tips from parenting books, websites and from mums and dads themselves.  To watch the I promise DVD, click here.

Postnatal Exercises

You will receive a leaflet explaining exercises to help you regain pre pregnancy muscle tone. If you have any concerns you can contact the physiotherapy department in the maternity unit up to 6 weeks after the birth. After this time, please contact your GP.

Family Planning

Contraceptive advice will be offered. You are advised to make an appointment at your local family planning clinic or GP within 6 weeks of the birth.

Postnatal appointment

A postnatal examination is carried out approximately 6 weeks after your baby’s birth to check on your health and wellbeing, thus completing your maternity care.
You should contact your GP’s surgery to arrange this appointment unless you have been specifically asked to return to the maternity unit for a postnatal examination. It is important that you attend for a postnatal examination.