Blankets for Premature Babies


Maureen O'Dowd, Practice Educator from Belfast Trust with Joanne Murray, Marks and Spencer's Belfast,
Project Co-ordinator.

Volunteers sew 200 blankets for premature babies in Belfast. Staff and volunteers from Marks and Spencer's, Belfast,
initiated the 'Volunteering in Belfast' by supporting 'The Prenatal Trust/Regional Neonatal Unit at the Royal-Jubilee
Maternity Service'.

A sewing studio was set up in-store with 40 volunteer sewers helping to make special incubator blankets for premature
babies to lie on. They were helped by two expert semsstresses and ex-contestants of the BBC's Great British Sewing

Brenda Kelly, Head of Midwifery at Belfast Trust said: 'These lovely little blankets are a welcome splash of colour in what
is a very clinical environment. They enable us to provide a homely personal touch for families at what can be a difficult
and emotional time for them, as well as being used to promote developmental care by helping to support and position
our babies.