Antenatal Ward unveils Art work


The women and staff in 'A Ward' RJMS, were enabled to complete an art project with the help from Arts Care Project Artist
Maeve Cassidy.  'A Ward' is the Antenatal Inpatient area where women may be admitted for as little as a day or for several
This project ran over 12 weeks and involved inpatients, midwives, medical students, midwifery students and ancillary staff. 
The finished art piece is titled 'Mother'. It was unveiled on the 5th July 2017 by Sister O'Dea along with help from
Monika Koperska, a mother who had contributed to the painting.

It is increasingly recognised that the Arts have a vital role to play within healthcare and contribute to enhancing the overall
quality and experience of healthcare services. Further funding has been secured for some jewellery workshops to be held
on 'A Ward' in the near future.