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Childbirth is a major event in a woman's lifetime, and may impact on your life for many years after the event. We appreciate that some aspects of your pregnancy and birth may have caused you upset, or your experience may have been traumatic for you.  Talking to a midwife about your birth may assist your understanding of the events, and may help you to cope with your experience.

The Childbirth Review Service provides you with an opportunity to review your birth with a midwife, who will listen and provide information about your experience.

This midwife works closely with all those involved in the maternity care of women and their families, including midwives, doctors and clinical psychologists.



How to Contact Barbara Gergett Childbirth and Loss Midwife

If you would like to talk to Barbara to discuss your birth experience, please contact her by telephone using the numbers below.  Barbara will then contact you by telephone to arrange a suitable time for your appointment.

Alternatively, you can ask your community midwife, health visitor or GP to refer you to the service.

For Childbirth Review Service Leaflet please click here 

Contact details:

Barbara Gergett

Childbirth and Loss Midwife

Tel: 02890638125

Mobile No: 07540748708