CuddleCot donated by parents of Aodhan


A CuddleCot has been purchased using some of the money donated by Fiona and Hugh Jordan last year.  They kindly
presented the CuddleCot to staff from Royal-Jubilee Maternity Service (RJMS) on 22nd February in memory of their son,
Aodhan, who died on the 12th September 2010.  A CuddleCot enables parents to keep their baby close during the difficult
grieving process.

This money was raised by the family through a fun run, local sponsorship and other activities.

Pictured left to right:  Barbara Gergett (Childbirth and Loss Midwife), Fiona Maguire, Fiona and Hugh Jordon, Roisin Clarke,
Rachel Chatten (Neonatal Nurse) and Gillian Campbell (Neonatal Nurse).