Following the Birth of Your Baby

Immediately following the birth, your baby will be examined and weighed by the midwife. Two identification bands containing your baby's details will be checked by you and your partner and placed on your baby - one on the wrist and one on the ankle.  Both bands must remain in place until your baby is at home.

Your midwife will examine you and your baby to ensure you are both recovering well.  Practical advice on caring for your baby will be offered.  This includes information on feeding, bathing and nappy changing.

The midwife will encourage you to give your baby skin contact.  This is know as skin to skin contact.  Please click Skin to Skin


Keeping your Baby Close (sometimes called 'Rooming-in')

You will keep your baby close beside you at all times - in a cot in the same room as you.  Keeping your baby close-by gives you the opportunity to get to know and gain confidence in caring for your baby.  You will learn to recognise the baby's feeding cues and be responsive to his/her needs.  It also helps to alert you if there is a problem with the baby, can help reduce the incidence of cot death.