Ways in which your baby may be born

Normal birth

More than half of all mothers will birth normally with the baby being born vaginally by maternal effort. We aim to ensure that your birth plan is followed but there are times when things do not go according to plan.  The safe birth of all babies is paramount therefore changes may have to be made to ensure the safety of both you and your baby. If your baby shows signs of distress, the birth may require some assistance.

Assisted vaginal delivery

It may be necessary to assist the birth of your baby, this may involve forceps that are applied to each side of the baby’s head or a vacuum cup applied to the top of the baby’s head. Both of these instruments are used to enable delivery of the baby through the birth canal.

Caesarean section

Approximately one in four babies are born by caesarean section. This figure includes both planned and unplanned caesarean sections. The decision for caesarean section will be undertaken by the clinical team.  In most instances a spinal or epidural anaesthetic is used which allows you to be awake for your baby being born. In the operating theatre an allocated team of midwives and doctors will care for you.  Immediately following caesarean section, you and your baby’s care will continue in the Recovery Suite before transfer to a postnatal ward.