Admission Assessment Unit

If you are worried about anything related to your pregnancy, please consult with your GP or midwife.  

If you have an urgent problem, you may contact the Admission Unit 028 9063 2037 or 028 9063 5291 at any time and speak to a midwife who will be happy to advise.

Please phone the Admission Unit immediately if any of the following happens:

  • You have bleeding from your vagina
  • You have a severe headache or visual disturbance
  • Your baby is not moving as much as usual
  • You have persistent abdominal pain
  • If your membranes rupture (waters break) or you think they have ruptured, whether or not you have contractions
  • You think you are in labour.

Attending in labour

There are several signs that labour is starting, but it must be remembered that these signs can vary from woman to woman. Below are some of the signs that may indicate the onset of labour, you don’t have to experience all of them together.

  • Backache
  • Membranes rupture
  • Regular painful uterine contractions – 1 contraction every 5 minutes.

For several days or weeks before established labour starts, some women feel backache, cramps or irregular contractions. Experiencing bouts of contractions lasting a few hours is common. This is normal. If you think you may be in early labour phone the Admission Unit for advice. False alarms are common with first time mothers. If you are not in established labour when attending the Admission Unit you may be advised to go home and await established labour (regular pattern of painful contractions).

Read the booklet - Coping with the very early stage of Labour

Coming in to the maternity unit

Remember to bring your maternity record with you as this will enable us to be informed of you care
The area at the front of the maternity unit is a set down area only. It must be left clear for ambulances. You can then park your car in the car park opposite.

Remember to bring any medication you are currently taking with you.

On arrival to the maternity unit, give your name and maternity record to the receptionist in the entrance area and brief details of your reason for attendance. As this is an emergency unit other patients may be taken before you depending on their problem. If there is a change in your condition while you are waiting please tell the receptionist. This information is passed directly to the midwives.

You will then be assessed in the Admission Unit by a midwife and a plan of care identified. Not all patients will need to be seen by a doctor. Those who have early pregnancy problems may be referred to the Early Pregnancy Unit.

Early Pregnancy Unit

This is a unit separate from the admission unit which deals with issues specific to early pregnancy up to 12 completed weeks gestation. It is staffed by midwives and an obstetric consultant is available if needed.

Referrals to this unit can be made by GP, Emergency Departments, Midwives and the Admission Assessment Unit.

Please see related leaflets on Early Pregnancy