Infant Feeding Lead

'As humans and therefore mammals we are equipped to feed our young in the most natural way through breastfeeding.  Today's culture can often make women doubt their body's ability to provide milk for their baby.  This together with the common use of infant formula creates a belief that formula is as good as breastmilk but this is not true.  Breastmilk is as individual as blood, unique for each baby, containing live protective and developmental properties that change to meet the growing needs of the baby.

Infant formulas (1st milks) are nutritionally balanced for babies but do not contain any of these properties.  It is important that we as Health Professionals promote breastfeeding as the healthiest way to feed a baby by providing information to women and support them in their choice.

Breastfeeding your baby is a decision many make because of the countless health benefits for both mother and baby.  For some mothers breastfeeding is natural and easy to do but for others breastfeeding can be a challenge as it is a learned skill for both mother and baby.  It takes time, patience and support from family
and health care professionals to perfect.


Barbara Spratt

Infant Feeding Lead

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

My role as the Infant Feeding Lead involves training staff in breastfeeding support, as well as helping those women and babies experiencing more complex breastfeeding challenges.

In addition I am the service lead for achieving and maintaining the high standards necessary to retain the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) accreditation.  These standards support all mothers regardless of their feeding choice.

If you wish to know more about breastfeeding why not attend a Breastfeeding Workshop before your baby arrives. Breastfeeding Workshops

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