Breastfeeding peer support

Who are we?

We are a group of mums who have breast fed their babies and are now volunteering to give support to other mums breastfeeding their babies. A befriending service hoping to normalise breastfeeding.

We are supportive of babies being breastfeed and want to support mums.

We are not health professionals. We have received training on breastfeeding management and attend regular updates.

Breastfeeding benefits the whole family and babies who are breastfed are healthier as they have less illnesses and fewer hospital admissions.

What do we offer?

  • We can give support to all mothers who live in the Belfast Trust area by phone or arrange to meet.
  • We are friendly, approachable and willing to listen
  • We can give information on real life experiences and concerns about breastfeeding and if needed advise you how to contact a health professional
  • We will give you time

All information is confidential

Where can you find us?

For more information contact

Breastfeeding Coordinator for Peer Support Tel: 07738945080

Breastfeeding Peer Support Link Worker Tel: 07738945081

You will be put in touch with a local Breastfeeding Peer Supporter

Useful Resouces

Off to a good start booklet on Breastfeeding

Vitamin D and you