Breech Clinic

The Breech Clinic runs every Tuesday (1.00pm - 5.00pm)  in C ward. You will be referred to attend this clinic by your midwife or doctor if they believe that your baby is lying in the breech position, i.e. bottom down instead of head down, when you are 35 weeks or more in to your pregnancy. You will be seen in the clinic when you are 36 to 37 weeks, by an experienced consultant obstetrician and a midwife. At the clinic:

  • You will find out if the baby is still breech;
  • If the baby is still breech, you will have a detailed ultrasound scan;
  • We will discuss the best plan with you. You will have the opportunity ask any questions and discuss any concerns;
  • We will try to turn your baby around by External Cephalic Version (ECV). This is a simple and safe technique to turn the baby and we will make sure that the baby is well by monitoring the heart rate before and after the procedure.

All of the above can be done during your appointment and may take about 2 hours.