Joint Epilepsy Obstetric Clinic (Neurology Clinic)

Neurologist:         Dr John Craig

Obstetrician:        Dr Inez Cooke

Epilepsy Nurse/Midwife:   Beth Irwin

The joint Epilepsy Obstetric Clinic runs alternate Thursday mornings in the antenatal clinic from 9am to 12pm. This clinic is predominately for those with a diagnosis of epilepsy however if you do have another diagnosed neurological condition, such as a previous stroke or multiple sclerosis, you will also be reviewed.

  • At this clinic you have the opportunity to be seen by a specialist team which includes an obstetrician, consultant neurologist, epilepsy specialist nurse/midwife.
  • Depending on your epilepsy type and control you can expect to see these staff at each hospital visit. Your antenatal care will be shared between the hospital and your GP or community midwife.
  • However if your epilepsy control is good you can access the neurology team at points during your pregnancy, at least once in each trimester is suggested.
  • At certain points during your pregnancy it may be necessary to have a blood sample taken to monitor your anti epileptic drug level.  
  • For those attending with other neurological conditions you can access the neurology team as required.

It is our aim to help all women attending this clinic to have a normal vaginal birth unless there are obstetric/ neurology reasons why this is not appropriate. We therefore encourage all women to attend antenatal education/ parentcraft classes as usual.