Multiple Pregnancy Clinic


Obstetricians:  Dr Mary Murnaghan FRCOG
   Dr Catriona Monaghan MRCOG
   Dr Faleeha Khanum MRCOG


Midwives:   Rosaleen Rea RM

Multiple pregnancies are exciting both for parents and doctors.  The care provided is consultant-led together with senior medical and midwifery staff teams as these pregnancies may carry more risks. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines are followed to ensure that you are given the best possible care.

When you are confirmed to have a multiple pregnancy you will automatically be referred to the clinic by your midwife. Our aim is to see all multiple pregnancies for the first hospital appointment between 11-14 weeks. Your schedule of care will be decided after your booking scan.

The clinic is held every Wednesday afternoon from 1.30 to 5.00pm.