Some babies, because of prematurity, or illness, may require special medical or nursing care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which is within RJMS.

You may know in advance that your baby will be admitted to this unit, or it may be a decision taken shortly after your baby’s birth. Staff from the unit and postnatal area will support you, keeping you fully informed about your baby. You will be encouraged to visit your baby at any time. Breastmilk is an essential part of your baby's treatment in the Neonatal Unit, for further information please click here.

The TinyLife Website resource to help parents cope with life at home with a premature baby was developed for parents by parents and health and social care providers working together.  The resource is organised around topics raised by parents during focus groups and the content includes practical advice and lots of short videos of parents and professionals that we hope you as a parent will find hepful.