Our Services

Maternity Services

Belfast Trust Maternity Service provides complete maternity care to over 6000 mothers per year.  A range of models of care are used to suit women with low risk of complications as well as women with complex care needs and associated medical conditions. Care is provided by a multidisciplinary team of midwives, obstetricians, physicians, radiographers and support staff working across Royal-Jubilee Maternity Service (RJMS), Mater Maternity Unit, community centres across north, west and south Belfast and in the woman’s home environment.

This service is available to women in Belfast and regionally. Referral to the service can be arranged via your Community Midwife or GP.

Find out more about your care options:

  • Midwife-led Care - appropriate to women at low risk of complications.  This model of care is provided across both sites.
  • Consultant-led Care -  for women with more complex medical needs.  Antenatal care is offered on both sites; postnatal care is offered in RJMS only.

Neonatal Services

The Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (RNICU), is situated within the RJMS and provides care for babies who require intensive or special care. This work is supported by the Regional Neonatal Transport Service also based in the unit.

Teaching and Research

As a teaching and research centre we regularly have students visiting the wards. They work under the direction of registered members of staff and your co-operation is appreciated.  However, we will respect your wishes if you prefer them not to be involved in any aspect of your care.  Please inform a member of staff.